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About Nationwide Movers Group

Our Philosophy

Nationwide Movers Group is a professional moving company with an extensive offering of world-class fulfillment, customer care and technology infrastructure that can be leveraged to create unique, client-specific relocation solutions. Our philosophy is not to fit your moving process into our pre-existing schedule, but rather to develop our schedule around your unique needs. We are flexible, scalable, and adaptable so we can keep pace with your ever-changing needs, whether you are adding new items, changing your delivery address, deciding to put you belongings into storage or ship them overseas. We realize that no two clients face the exact same challenges, and for that reason, we are always extending our technology and operations capabilities based directly on client needs. Our philosophy is that there is absolutely no favorable argument for you to consider relocating with Nationwide Movers Group unless we can execute at a greater performance level than what you could achieve by yourself or through an alternative partner.

Our People

We are consistently told that our people are one of the most competitive advantages that we have. Our customers view Nationwide Movers Group ' Team as our single most compelling differentiator. In Nationwide Movers Group , you have immediate access to a consultative, collaborative, proactive, experienced team of operations, technology and customer service experts.We view each move as a mission and we take this responsibility seriously. Our people understand that each and every aspect of how we manage a customer order, inventory and warehousing has a direct impact on the overall delivery of the brand. Our clients view our people as an extension of their professional resource pool, highly specialized and focused on operations excellence.

Our Methodology

At the start of an engagement, our Sales Representative gains thorough understanding of all aspects of the customers moving model, from specific pick up dates to packaging supplies and warehousing. They then design and deploy a fully customized moving process solution that meets the unique requirements of the customer. Thereafter, our Supervising Team provides a dedicated staff of professionals that manages the solution day-to-day, maintaining close interaction with the customer in all areas of the move. Our methodology is proven and facilitates smooth implementation of customer solutions, seamlessly carrying the moving process forward into completion-state.

Our Commitment to Quality...Which We Achieve Through Technology

Quality is critical at Nationwide Movers Group and we have a very clear understanding of how the quality of our operations directly impacts the quality of your customer's total experience and ultimately, the performance of your bottom line. Unlike many other movers, Nationwide Movers Group remains focused on leveraging advanced technologies to drive efficiencies, maximize service levels and compress cost models. Activity while meeting superior service levels. And we continue to invest in technology, allowing us to drive ongoing efficiency through all of our operations. We monitor our performance in the area of quality assurance daily, and we consistently deliver on the service levels and metrics agreed upon contractually with our customers.

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