Behind the CFP® Designation


“Why am I doing this?最近,当我把自己从现实世界中分离出来几个小时(几天)的时候,这个问题在我脑海中反复出现? months?),同时学习CFP®(注册理财规划师)认证考试. I studied after work until I fell asleep, I studied while I ate lunch, I turned down plans with my friends. I knew it was important for me to get this certification, but why?

当我越来越多地思考成为一名CFP专业人士对我意味着什么时, 我意识到,合适的问题不是“我为什么要这么做??而是“成为一名CFP专业人士对客户意味着什么??“这个称号并不一定意味着我是一个更好的理财规划师,或者我的职业生涯会更成功. 它的意思是,当你在一个人的名字后面看到这些字母, 这些专业人士已经满足了CFP®Board的严格要求,使他们能够更好地为客户服务, and that is why we do what we do here at WealthPoint. So what are those requirements? They are known as The Four E’s:

CFP专业人员必须完成批准的课程才能参加考试. This includes courses in investing, retirement planning, risk management and insurance, estate planning, tax planning, and so on. 课程包括理论概念的学习和知识的实际应用(如制定一个全面的财务计划). 我能够在大学期间完成我的教育要求,感谢我在普渡大学的学位, but these programs aren’t exceedingly common yet, 所以很多求职者在毕业并开始工作后必须参加更多的课程.

一旦达到教育要求,考生就可以参加考试. The exam content consists of not only the aforementioned subjects, but also the financial planning process itself, along with ethical and regulatory components. The exam was basically a full day of sitting in a testing room, analyzing situations, then applying the concepts I had learned and reviewed extensively. Memorization does not do much good; I had to know how to dissect information that was given to me, discern what was relevant, and successfully apply it to real-life scenarios.

为了获得认证,候选人必须完成多年的实际财务规划工作经验. 在许多情况下,包括我自己,这至少需要3年(或6000小时)的时间. During this time, I couldn’t simply twiddle my thumbs at work and wait until I hit 6000 hours; I had to be doing actualfinancial planning work for an actual financial services firm. This can include gathering and analyzing information, developing and presenting financial plans, or monitoring and supporting existing plans.

Perhaps the most important requirement, 候选人有义务遵守CFP董事会制定的重要道德准则:正直, objectivity, competence, fairness, confidentiality, professionalism and diligence. A CFP® professional is also required to act as a fiduciary at all times; this means that the professional must provide services in the client’s best interest. 如果不遵守这些道德标准,可能会受到CFP董事会的制裁, including suspension or permanent revocation of the certification.

As you can see, CFP® professionals are not one-trick ponies. 任何人都可以自称为“理财规划师”,但这并不意味着他们获得了认证,并符合CFP委员会制定的严格标准. CFP®专业人士还需要定期完成几个小时的继续教育, 确保行业内主题和趋势的知识是最新的. As a client working with a CFP® professional, 你可以相信,这个人在财务规划的各个领域都有背景,这使他们能够提供全面的建议, and someone who is required to act in your best interest. 在博客最后的视频中,你可以看到一个例子,说明为什么寻找这个名称是很好的(也会带来一些笑声).

Here at WealthPoint, the CFP® designation means quite a lot to us. 我们重视成为CFP专业人士所需要的奉献和知识, 和持续的教育和实践标准必须满足,以支持指定. 这也符合我们的信念,即客户的最佳利益就是事务所的最佳利益, 并与我们的使命一致,提供全面的财务规划和建议.

If you have any questions about the CFP® designation, what it means, or how it enables us to help clients, feel free to contact us. Further information can be found at http://www.letsmakeaplan.org/ and http://www.cfp.net/.

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更新:我在11月17日通过了CFP®认证考试,并将在2017年4月达到要求的学时数, at which time I will become a CFP® professional. 我很高兴成功地完成了这项艰巨的任务, and B) to have a social life again.


About the Author: Josh Bentz

Josh Bentz, CFP®, Wealth Advisor, 通过提供全面的服务帮助客户组织和简化他们的财务生活, personal financial planning. 作为一名财富顾问,Josh为客户提供全面的财务规划. 他喜欢了解个人和家庭,这样他就能给出具体的、有意义的建议. 他相信作为一名受托人,做对客户最有利的事.