If you’ve spent your whole life working and paying into the Social Security system, your gut reaction might be to cash in on the benefits ASAP. As a matter of fact, more people file as soon as they’re eligible than any other time. 但这真的是最好的办法吗?

作为一个提醒, you are eligible to file for Social Security as early as age 62 (and must file by age 70). Every year you wait to file earns you an 8% increase in your benefit. 尽管事实就是如此, 很多人在62岁的时候就尽快申请了, or at “Full 退休 Age” (age 65-67 depending on when you were born). 人们很少等到70岁. 然而, there are many reasons why it might make sense to hold tight, 锁定8%的涨幅, 尽可能地拖延归档时间.



One way to think of Social Security is as insurance against outliving your savings. If you have a financial plan or have looked at retirement projections, you’ve probably been asked about your life expectancy. 对于那些练习, it is helpful to come up with an estimate based on your health and family history. 然而, with life expectancies generally increasing and advances in medicine, it’s quite possible you may live much longer than you expect.

你们可以想象, living a lot longer than you planned for might put you in danger of running out of money. 显然,这并不理想. 另一方面, 然而, 如果你推迟社保, 你会从长寿中获益. 你会在以后的许多年里得到更高的数额, which will easily make up for those first few years of not getting any benefits while you waited to file. If you’re worried about outliving your money, you may want to consider delaying Social Security.



One of the biggest threats to financial success in retirement is inflation, or the increase in the cost of goods and services over time. In other words, it will cost you more money in 40 years to live the same lifestyle you live today. Hopefully you’ve factored that into your planning and projections, 但即使是这样, there’s always a chance inflation will be higher than you expected.

这对每个人来说都是好消息, 尤其是对于那些延迟归档的人, is that Social Security is adjusted for inflation (also called the Cost of Living Adjustment, 或可乐). This means that as goods and services get more expensive over time, your Social Security benefit will increase accordingly. This benefits everyone receiving Social Security, but COLA will be even more powerful for those who delay, since they will be getting increases on a higher benefit to begin with. 例如,2018年可乐的比例为2%. 你们可以想象, 2000美元的2%比1000美元的2%更重要, 随着时间的推移,化合物会增加.



This is probably the most common concern amongst retirees. 如果市场崩溃了怎么办? 我的钱会用光吗? The most important way to plan for this is to make sure you have an investment mix ahead of time that is appropriate for your situation and your goals.

除此之外, delaying Social Security is another way to brace yourself against bad market performance. The more money you’re getting from Social Security means less money you’ll be forced to take out of your investments, 尤其是当它们下跌的时候. You’ll have more flexibility to wait for a recovery and allow the markets to do their thing.

These are a few reasons why it might make sense to delay filing for Social Security as long as possible. There are also reasons you may not want to delay. 在某些情况下, filing before age 70 might make the most sense financially, which is totally fine as long as it’s part of a well-thought-out financial plan. There’s also an emotional aspect; after spending decades working and grinding and paying into the system, 有些人只想要他们的钱!

话虽这么说, too many people blindly file as soon as possible or at Full 退休 Age without learning about their options and determining the best course of action. Hopefully these ideas can spark some thoughts and conversation amongst you and your loved ones…and your financial planner!

关于作者: Josh Bentz

Josh Bentz, CFP®, 财富顾问, helps clients organize and simplify their financial lives by providing comprehensive, 个人财务规划. As a 财富顾问, Josh provides comprehensive financial planning for clients. He enjoys getting to know individuals and families so he can give specific, meaningful advice. He believes in being a fiduciary and doing what is in the best interest of clients.